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September 28, 2017
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January 29, 2018

Tips you can follow to kickoff your 2018 weight loss goals.

Now that the new year is well underway we are all looking for the best ways to fulfill our new year’s resolutions. Maybe you wanted to save same some money for a romantic cruise, or perhaps you just wanted to lose weight and burn some fat off for your friend’s wedding in a couple months. Some of you might have challenged yourselves to lose that extra weight this year but haven’t gotten the chance to yet for some reason. Don’t worry it’s never too late, you can catch up with the early starters.


Truth be told, losing weight can be one of the most challenging resolutions of them all.


Our modern life has us sitting down, eating unhealthy food, and not to mention, looking out for our family. As we strive to balance our schedule between work, and family, we are putting on weight each day. Losing weight can be very difficult because you have to fight against your own habits, and consistently break routines but it’s definitely possible and we will give tips and tricks you need to know, plus a little bonus below.

We totally get the feeling of being stuck in a weight loss rut.


What may boost weight loss:

#1 – Maintaining a Caloric Deficit

What may allow you to see more results in your weight loss goal is to maintain a caloric deficit.

This means you are eating less calories than your body requires – day in and day out.

Think of this as an experiment and anytime you move out of the deficit you lose the results. Staying within your caloric deficit becomes the reason you will effectively lose weight.

The caloric deficit required can vary by person and depending on how quickly you want to lose weight it can be increase or decrease , however, we recommend going for a reasonable caloric deficit so that you may have an obtainable goal which you can maintain in the long run.

We know what you might be thinking, “yeah this is a lot harder than it sounds.” Well its only hard if you make it hard, if you follow a recommended diet, a recommended exercise routine, and a meal prep routine you can start boost weight loss and start seeing results quickers. Perhaps you tried this before, but you weren’t taking the right supplementation which we will tell you all about in just a bit.


#2 – Regular Exercise

Consistent and regular exercise is the second most important factor in weight loss. Of course you cannot outwork your diet, but exercise needs to be a component when your goals are to lose weight.

Don’t complicate things by looking for a new and fancy gym to train out of – keep it simple, train hard and watch the weight come off.

The best bang for your buck for exercise is a combination of weight lifting and low-impact cardio, along with proper supplementation.

Exercises such as ‘TABATA’ have proven to boost metabolism in shorter periods of exercise time contrary to long term exercises. Not only will exercise boost metabolism, but it can also be a very effective tool for balancing hormones, increasing sleep and suppressing appetite – all super important to your overall success in the weight room and weight loss quest.




#3 – Eat a Balanced Diet

There are a host of diets that can work to help you lose weight – but one that has to worked time and time again for many is a balanced diet. Especially if you are maintaining a caloric deficit, you need to have a balanced diet filled with good carbohydrates, healthy fats and lean proteins.



During weight loss, protein should be the staple nutrient in your diet. Do your best to consume as much lean protein as possible from chicken, fish, beans, and dark greens. Studies have shown that protein can be a strong influencer of overall body composition and weight loss.


When it comes to carbohydrates we need to define good from bad.

As a general overview you want to eat carbs that are whole grains and contain a high amount of fiber.

The best carbs come from fruit, vegetables and dark-whole grains. You should do your best to avoid processed grains that have little to no fiber as they will do very little for your weight loss goals.



Fat is a tricky subject. Some high-fat diets have been quite effective in weight loss, but its always short term and the success rates are very low.

Fat has more than two times the amount of calories per serving than both protein and carbs – which is why it’s so easy to overeat.

In the end, your diet should find balance through wholesome vegetables, fruit, lean proteins and healthy fats.


Frequent setbacks

You have an amazing moment of bliss, decide you want to lose weight and jump in the car for healthy home-food options. Maybe you try this out for a couple weeks, and start to feel hungry, have the urge to order food from your favorite pizza place – we’ve all been there. Chances are you might have given in to the urge to eat some comfort food. Fortunately, it’s not the ends of the world.

Having one cheat meal a week is actually recommended as a reward yourselves for the week’s accomplishments, although it’s a small setback, it keeps you on your diet for longer periods of time and helps you complete your goals on the long term. Not rewarding yourself can lead to explosive cravings that can lead you to break your diet completely.


#3 – Supplementation

You exercise as much as you can and you diet as much as you can, but everything is still very slow, perhaps not worth your effort. Well we have good news for you, you can make all your hard effort during dieting and exercising be worth more. You can make your minutes spent on weight loss count even more.Truth is it is hard to lose weight when we have a family and job to look after. Some don’t have time to meal prep and some don’t have time to exercise. When fighting weight loss, you have to give it everything you got because your body has to break bad habits that you have been building up for years.

What many people forget during a weight loss regime is supplementation. Supplementation can help you start seeing results faster when following a weight loss regime because of the many ways it can help. Which supplement is right for you? Which are the ways it can help and how? Click below to read more.





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