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5 Breastfeeding tips to take from an experienced mom

Being a first-time mom can be quite confusing and scary at times, it still be quite confusing when the second or third baby comes around. You’re not exactly sure what do at times, and you just wish there was some sort of instructions manual. Those are the times we turn to other experienced moms to see what has worked or failed for them so that we may be also grasp from their learning experience. A quite challenging topic for moms? That would be breastfeeding.

n fact, a lot of moms turn to feeding their baby formula because they don’t want to deal with breastfeeding whatsoever. So as requested by many, we turned to one of our nutrition fans to see what tips and advice she has for other moms who wish to breastfeed their baby and what nutritional supplement she took that may have helped her along the way.

Sandra is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls one currently two years old and the other one currently three months old. With her second baby Ella, Sandra decided to breastfeed her daughter like she did with her first but this time she knew better. “Some people told me to just use formula and others told me to breastfeed. I try to do things the more traditional and natural way so I decided to breastfeed. It is a special moment that I get to have with my baby and according to research it creates more antibodies that formula simply cannot do.”

While breastfeeding has its ups and downs, there were a handful of tips that Sandra gave us to help our readers and expecting mothers. Here is what she offered.

1.Practice getting the right latch.

Not getting the right latch can lead to sore and cracked nipples that eventually just end up making breastfeeding harder. While it seems simple at first, it takes a little bit of thought it and practice to put into it. As lactation specialist recommend, the goal is to get the nipple towards the back of the mouth, aiming towards the upper palate to stimulate sucking. I researched first how to get the right latch before breastfeeding as they had recommended me. I knew from reading that I had to get this right from start in order to not get tired of breastfeeding. I learned that I had to get the nipple into a certain part of my baby’s mouth and that what I practiced doing at first. From experience, I can say that I tried several breastfeeding positions and that helped me. There are several positions to try out to see which one you may like best. There is the cradle hold, the crossover hold, the football hold, the laid-back position, and the side-lying position. I tried each position. picked my favorite one which my baby and me feel comfortable with.

2.Use a breast pump

I had to admit that the breast pump has saved me more than once and it is a true hero. Although I prefer to direct contact with my baby through the breast, I must admit pumping out some milk and freezing it has been a real lifesaver at times. For one, it has given me a couple of days of rest for when I am really sore. Secondly, I’ve had backup breast milk for those days that I am sick and I prefer not to breastfeed my baby. Third, it gave my backup breast milk for a short family trip that I had to do and breastfeeding was just not very logistically possible. So, I would definitely recommend using the breast pump to have some backup milk, it helped me avoid giving my baby formula.

3.Drink a lot of water

The body uses a lot of water to create a milk supply given that it is creating and loosing fluids. Drinking water constantly wasn’t a thing I was used to so it had to become a natural habit me as I breast fed. I bought a plastic bottle that I carried with me at all times, I calculated that with that bottle I had to refill it once a day and drink a total of two bottles per day. Guiding myself with the bottle helped me create the habit of drinking water and helped me not forget. I also kept it with me at my nightstand for when I would get thirsty at night.

4.Its ok to ask for help

Having a baby is probably the most beautiful experience I have ever had, and my life has changed ever since for the better. I also have to admit that having a newborn can be very tiring at times, especially when breastfeeding, and as a new mom I was trying to be the super mom. Later on, I learned that it was completely ok to ask for help. I called more experienced moms for tips. I got my husband involved more with the house and the baby. I consulted specialist which leads me to the next tip.

5. See a lactation specialist.

A lot of newborn moms that are breastfeeding worry about creating enough milk supply for the baby. The amount of milk that is produced is supposed to correlate with the amount that is needed, the more milk that the baby consumes the more milk that is produced. For several reasons, many people can still have complications with milk production. While some of the reasons may be something that is in our control, like not getting the right latch, other reasons might be medical. I am no expert so I consulted with a lactation specialist when I started breastfeeding just to ask him questions and be prepared. My lactation specialist actually recommended taking Moringa, in capsules or in powder to increase my milk supply. I loved Moringa and I have used it ever since to increase my milk supply.
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